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The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) serves as the long-range plan for the transportation system within the Birmingham metropolitan region. As part of 2045 RTP development, the RPCGB will gather input from the region’s citizens, the business community, state and local planning partners and other transportation stakeholders on projects and programs that are needed to advance transportation movement throughout the Birmingham region.

In addition to our web presence, RPCGB staff will also be conducting the following activities:

What is the Regional Transportation Plan?

The RTP identifies and analyzes transportation needs within the metropolitan region, articulates a vision for how the transportation system will be organized and function, identifies broad goals and project priorities, and considers the reality of future funding availability. The RTP identifies roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian, intelligent transportation systems, and other improvements needed through 2045.

The RTP is federally required to ensure coordination between local, county and state transportation systems and services. Developing the RTP will be a collaborative effort between the public, local governments, and state and federal partners. Over the course of the study, staff from the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) will examine future transportation needs of the region and determine how to best address those needs.

Four Step Process of the 2045 RTP Update

March - May 2018
1 | Defining the Mission – Identifying transportation needs and setting a clear vision and goals on what the plan is to accomplish - COMPLETE

June - December 2018
2 | Developing the Plan – Identifying the projects to solve future transportation needs and develop a cost feasible plan

January - March 2019
3 | Vetting the Plan – Solicit public feedback on the proposed projects, programs and policies identified in the plan

April 2019 and Beyond
4 | Adopting, Implementing and Monitoring the Plan – Tracking the progress in achieving the plan’s goals and implementing the priority projects

Why is the Regional Transportation Plan Important?

Through the process of identifying long-range and short-range strategies to improve the multimodal transportation system in the Birmingham area, the RTP will serve to:


August 1, 2018

Results from the completed surveys have been compiled and are available at the links below.

Recent Documents

As the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan Update progresses, links to documents such as fact sheets, maps, and reports will be posted here as they are completed.